Capriole Farms PRE is home to LC Galanton!!

Capriole Farms PRE was founded in 2003 with a training and sales focus. In 2015 we decided focus our attentions on LC Galanton and make him the focus of our program. We were fortunate to move LC Galanton to First Choice Farm in Woodbine, MD under the skillful training of Felicitas von Neumann Cosel. We are looking forward to this talented partnership as they move up the levels on their way to Grand Prix.

LC Galanton
Galanton is exceptional in every way. He stands an imposing 16.2 and comes from the top bloodlines in Spain including Escalera and Yeguada Military. He is out of a Europea J.F. a Qualified mare and by Antonillo, a Recommended Proven Producer. He was bred by Yeguada Los Castañones in Arenas de San Pedro, Avila, Spain. This horse has the movement and mind to compete in international dressage. It has truly been a joy to watch this horse progress in his training. page to learn more about Galanton. Please visit his visit his page to learn more about Galanton.

What is the PRE?
PRE stands for Pura Raza Espanola or in English, "the Pure Spanish Horse". The PRE Horse is the national treasure of Spain and represents a rich history going back thousands of years. Often referred to as the Andalusian, although today only those horses who have been revised by certified Spanish veterinarians and possess a Spanish Carta are recognized as a legitimate PRE horse. The Spanish horse is easily recognized as one of the most noble and beautiful breeds in the world. Known for their strength, agility, and most importantly, their docile temperament. Truly the horse of kings, and king of horses.

Our PRE Consultants in Spain
We extend our deepest gratitude to Viktoria Sandberg of Vikinga PRE and Javier Villard of Horses PRE. They are responsible for finding these magnificent stallions in addition to our foundation mares Our special thanks to Viktoria Sandberg for personally finding us our two stallions and our mare Rusa XV. Viktoria is a breeder of the PRE in Spain, with two qualified stallions and incredible mares, she is a FEI competitor and trainer, and an international Iberian horse sales expert. It is hard to find this resume in another broker in Spain. Please visit or Yeguada Vikinga PRE on Facebook.

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